MIP - Mastodon Instance Portal

Version: 0.1
License: Public Domain (CC0)
Mastodon Instance Portal

Mastodon is a federated micro-blogging network. Making share buttons for centralized networks is easy, but when a platform is federated you need to direct users to the instance they have an account on. This is a simple portal that can direct users to their instance, using only PHP, HTML4 and CSS. Made as an alternative to Javascript based solutions.


Mastodon Instance Portal Screenshot


Things that are intentionally left out:

Feature that might be implemented

A modified version could implement


Bugs, patches and others:

Send an e-mail to patchman+mip@patchman.tk

Official website: http://patchman.tk/projects/mip.html
Source mirror: https://git.snopyta.org/patchman/mip